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    Town History

The Town of Dunkirk is an idyllic community located in Chautauqua County, NY which is in the Western New York part of New York State.  The land mass is over 3,000 acres, with a "U-shaped" configuration which includes property both on the shores of Lake Erie and inland.  Geographically, the Town is divided into "East Town" and "West Town".  The town's proximity to Lake Erie is its most significant natural asset, and a primary contributor to local character.

The population of the Town of Dunkirk peaked late in the post-World War II "Baby Boom: now includes just over 1300 residents.  Surrounding communities include the City of Dunkirk, the Village of Fredonia, and the Town of Sheridan.

The Town of Dunkirk is a largely rural suburban community, with a mix of moderately-sized residential parcels, strip commercial, industrial and agricultural properties.  These agricultural parcels make up about 20% of the total acreage, contributing to a rural residential character.  Included in the agricultural district are numerous grape farms, providing the world renowned Concord grapes for both juice and wine.  Most of the residential land includes one family year-round residences.  Median home values in 2013 were nearly $87,000 – well above that of the neighboring City of Dunkirk, and similar to that of Chautauqua County as a whole.  Also in the town is a robust commercial district on Vineyard Drive, with industrial and commercial endeavors making up about 8% of the total acreage.  26% of the acreage is residential, and 32% is vacant.  A substantial portion of the Town by acreage is comprised of residential “recreational” properties.

The Town of Dunkirk provides municipal services to over 1,300 residents within an annual budget of approximately $900,000.  The town has been fiscally responsible over the years and has included both reserve and contingency accounts within the budget.  The Town supports its own Highway Department (maintaining over 28 lane-miles of roadway), and volunteer Fire Departments are located in both East and West Town of Dunkirk.  The Town of Dunkirk contains a range of local, county, and state roadways.  State roadways include Route 5, Route 60, and the NYS Thruway. 

The supply of water is presently provided by the City of Dunkirk, but a newly formed Northern Chautauqua County Water District will provide water and water services in the very near future.  This will improve the infrastructure with new piping, equipment, pumps, and allow the Town of Dunkirk to utilize its own billing service for water.


Other community facilities and services include the Town Hall at 4737 Willow Road which houses the town staff, clerk’s office, Town Court and justices, code enforcement, and zoning officer.  Police protection is contracted from the City of Dunkirk. 


A Town of Dunkirk Comprehensive Plan was recently completed to create a framework for productive growth for the residents and the businesses of the Town.  Upcoming projects include the renovation of the Town hall, improving opportunities for water-based recreation, exploring continued development of economic services and working with our local and county wide partners to explore shared services and shared success. The Town has adopted the vision statement to guide of comprehensive plan with the following:  “The Town of Dunkirk will be recognized for its high quality of life, a safe, attractive and affordable environment, and its diverse economic opportunities”.