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The Town of Dunkirk was formed from Pomfret on November 17, 1859. At the time, it was the smallest town in the county and within its boundaries was the Village of Dunkirk.  As a result of rapid growth within the Village, it was incorporated as city in 1880.  The boundaries of the City were set forth in the 1910 City Charter separating the Town of Dunkirk into east and west sections with the City in the middle.  In 1949, the City Charter was amended dividing the City and Town into nine election districts, eight in the City and one in the Town.

The shared government system was the only one of its kind in New York State and caused disagreements due to the surplus of election districts in the city.  In January of 1960, after much debate, the town of Dunkirk separated completely from the City forming its own governing body for the first time since its incorporation.  A town hall was built on Willow Road to house the new government within the town's limits.